We help you navigate through the complex rules and regulations of employee benefits so you can get back to doing what you love.

Free Compliance Consultation

With EBCompliance, you can relax. We know the rules and regulations surrounding employee benefits can be complex, overwhelming and very costly. We'll help you with:

Free Compliance Consultation

We are dedicated to assisting employers with navigating the complex rules and regulations of employee benefits. Without a thorough understanding of these rules and regulations, you're likely out of compliance, and unlikely to have budgeted for the consequences. With the increases in reporting requirements, compliance is not just a year-end process.

Employers need to:

  • Define measurement periods
  • Determine eligibility on a monthly basis
  • Document eligibility and offers of coverage

Our wealth of expertise and experience regarding benefits compliance will help your business avoid costly compliance penalties:

  • Absent penalty relief, $250 / Form - not to exceed $3,000,000
  • $50 if corrected within 30 days (per form)
  • $100 if corrected within 90 days
  • Then $250, or $500, if intentionally disregarded

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